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Seamless Integration with WooCommerce
Our app integrates effortlessly with WooCommerce to enhance your e-commerce experience by automating the process of rewarding your customers and managing discount vouchers.

How It Works

With our WooCommerce integration, rewarding your customers and offering discounts has never been easier

Purchase-Based Rewards

1. Customer Makes a Purchase

Whenever a customer completes a purchase on your WooCommerce store, the transaction details are captured.

2. Webhook Notification

WooCommerce sends the purchase information to our app using a secure webhook. This ensures that the data is transferred instantly and securely.

3. Awarding Points

Our app processes the purchase data and calculates the reward points based on the predefined criteria you have set (e.g., points per money spent, etc.)

4. Points Allocation

The calculated points are then credited to the customer’s account on our app. The customer can view their updated points balance in their account dashboard.

Voucher Redemption

1. Redeeming Points for Vouchers

Customers can choose to redeem their accumulated points for discount vouchers directly from their account dashboard in our app.

2. Creating Discount Coupons

When a customer redeems a voucher, our app generates a unique discount coupon in the WooCommerce site. This coupon can be configured with various parameters such as discount amount, expiration date, and usage restrictions.

3. Using Discount Coupons

The customer receives the discount coupon code and can apply it during checkout on your WooCommerce store, enjoying instant savings on their purchase.

Why Choose Our Loyalty Platform?

Start building your unique loyalty programme today and discover the power of personalised customer engagement. Our features can transform your business and foster long-lasting customer loyalty.

Automated Rewards

Streamline your rewards program by automatically awarding points for every purchase, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Increased Customer Engagement

Encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty by offering enticing rewards and discounts.

Seamless Experience

Provide a smooth and integrated experience for your customers, from earning points to redeeming discounts without leaving your store.

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